Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Commuting Workflow- AM

I've officially been commuting for a year now, and have had several ideas about how to structure my time to be productive. Problem is, in my mind, I have envisioned the perfect workflow, and well, the vision is stuck in the iterative stages, you guessed it, in my head. I've tried time and time again to adopt the mantra progress over perfection and failed. I've read blog posts that procrastination just means there is lack of intent- that upsets me because I feel such remorse when I can't accomplish everything I hope to. I'm perpetually distracted too (#Squirrel!), which could also be seen as an excuse. :(
I get that sometimes you have to decompress after investing time and energy into something. I've experienced exhaustion/inability for days, even weeks this year after G's Sweet 16, and supervising G's driving her first time on I-78 in rush hour, and submitting intense applications. I don't know if it's age or just having to recover from the stress and/or adrenaline rush.

Proposed morning workflow:

6:30 #BFC530
6:45 Record commuting expenses; map out day in bullet/self/passion journal; schedule calls; take care of easy tasks
7:10 Arrive in Newark; depart for NYC; work on items that do not require internet connection (blog post, reading printouts)
7:40 Arrive at NYP; continue working on items that do not require Internet; brain break while waiting for subway
8:00 Arrive at TDS; breakfast before heading up to 4th floor; record arrival time and delays; complete blog post and upload (already the blog post upload is delayed- I'm getting to this at 10:00 am).

First revision (9:58 am 08/31): Whiteboard plan for the day and record image in an Evernote notebook. Erase items as they are completed. Make it a goal/game to erase everything

Another barrier is money (maybe that should be a separate blog post). 

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