Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Voicethread is very similar to Fotobabble, yet I am far more intrigued than I was with Fotobabble. I wonder why this is the case...I’ll have to reinvestigate Fotobabble at some point. The free version of Voicethread looks pretty awesome. With a free account, you are entitled to three voicethreads at a time (up to 50 slides each), 3 minutes of comment by telephone, unlimited voice and text comments, and a webcam commenting up to 30 minutes! The voice annotation of the pictures were appealing, plus the ability to comment by several means, phone, typing, audio, or video kept me engaged. Voicethread could be used for a Westward Expansion journal, Explorer’s diary, field trip summary/highlights, or even as an alternative to whitebooks. I also love that you can draw on the videos!