Sunday, March 29, 2015

Creating Kid Friendly Avatars

Who doesn't love coming across someone's spot-on avatar? While I LOVE using Hello Kitty as my profile pic, I was very pleased with myself for designing a Traitr in ToonDoo that was my perfect likeness. Our district's move to Google Apps is a perfect opportunity for staff and students (sort of) to express themselves. My husband, Steve Isaacs, and I are leading a PD where we had the participants create an avatar as the icebreaker. It seems like they had a lot of fun with the activity. Here are some of the options we suggested, plus a few more that kids of any age would like!

*August 28, 2017 Update- Funko Pop Yourself Designer!
*Update- I just discovered, a Japanese website to create an avatar of yourself...wait for it...Hello Kitty style!

New tool alert! Androidify and :)

Another very fun tool- #PowderPuffYourself static jpgs and animated gifs!
*July 19, 2016 Update- novaskin- Make a Minecraft skin! I will make one and upload my me soon!
ToonDoo- Create a Traitr
Face Your Manga

Make a Mii

Lego Me

Build Your Wild Self
Peanutize Me
PowderPuff Yourself :)
Okay, this is not really me, but OMG!
Minecraft Skin Avatar- requires a Minecraft Premium username
Funko Pop Yourself Designer

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Creating Appointment Slots on your Google Calendar

One of the best things about Google Apps for Education is the ability to create appointment slots on your Google Calendar. I use appointment slots for lab sign ups and tracking Chromebook cart usage, and could see classroom teachers using it to conference with students, set up office hours, extra help or even as passes/entry tickets to open lab time. What could you use appointment slots for?