Thursday, January 5, 2012

Journal of Course Experiences, KidPix Deluxe 4

Now that I have completed my Web 2.0 Collaborative Instruction course, and the holidays are over, I am continuing my quest to complete my MA+30 to advance on the salary guide. The current assignment in the course is to select an activity from the KP Lesson Anthology. I have selected the Butterfly activity, but modified it, so instead of illustrating the life cycle of a butterfly, I illustrated an insect and labeled all of its parts. To differentiate the activity, I would suggest to "fast finishers" to illustrate the life cycle of an insect and include it in an insect slide show.

Next up is my personal project (x2 since I am going for the A grade). I'm a little stuck on a lesson plan for teachers, so I'm going to save that for last.