Sunday, July 12, 2015

My Adventures in Minecraft- Day 3

More than 48 hours has passed without any game play, but a decent amount of thinking, mainly, "Where is this iron that I need to get my next achievement, and more importantly, get me to the DIAMONDS!".

I tried to ask @leilaboo215, but she plays in creative mode, so resources are always available. I also wanted to play on my iPhone, but learned it is a local game for iPhone.
The Minecraft wiki says that iron can be found in bedrock slightly above sea level (layers 1-63).1 Is this how you would make a superscript? Do I need to cite this?

Today my goal was to find iron ore. Before starting, I figured out what I needed- an iron pickaxe, if it was mined with anything else (like the wood pickaxe), nothing will drop. When I started the game, I noticed there was already 1 block of iron ore in my inventory- How did that get there? I spent a LONG time looking for that last week! Within minutes, I was attacked by a creeper, and respawned with nothing. :(

So I had to start over. I was not pleased with this, and spent a lot of time thinking about whether there was a cheat to respawn back to... a minute before getting attacked. I couldn't help but think, "I don't have time to start from the BEGINNING!" But start from the beginning I did. I actually learned and accomplished a lot today (in Minecraft, not in real life).

-I had to re-mine all my resources. I learned that things that you store in chests will stay put, as long as you remember where you put them.
-I cooked and ate a steak today (raw meat+heat source in the furnace= steak). Hold right click with the steak selected to eat it (1 steak refuels four hunger).
-You cannot attack a monster with a steak, but the scroll wheel makes it easy to select a sword (two stone+stick, vertically aligned- position is everything)
-When you're frustrated, all the blocks look the same.
-I was able to tell the difference between an acacia tree and an oak tree (different bark and height)
-The desert is vast and boring
-Grateful that I tried to mine something in a sand structure on my way to the desert. It was a useful landmark on my way back.
-I found my way back to my "camp" in the savannah!
-Crafted some signs (learned this at #ISTE2015 in the Minecraft and STEM session hosted by Microsoft)
-Signs are posted based on the angle you are facing. My OCD kicked in and I had to adjust the signs that I placed.
-I stored stuff I didn't know what to do with in the chests. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have stored some things that I've already crafted, so if I do have to respawn, I don't have to recraft all my tools.
-I crafted a REALLY tall beacon (not fancy) at the top of my area (?), base camp (?), to help me find my things. I'll find out what it's really called
-Built arrows with cobblestone in case I got lost. Thanks to @STORI3D_PAST for the suggestion. They got better with iteration.
-A stone pickaxe is far more effective for attacking cows (and I imagine pigs- but they're nowhere to be found). 3 wipes=raw meat and experience points.
-A sword does wonders defending against monsters- even the ones that light themselves on fire!
-FINALLY found iron ore at level 55- meaning y-axis 55. Thanks to @PBJellyGames for the F3 tip!
-Smelted iron ore to make ingots!
-Crafted an iron pickaxe! Diamond ore is next! That's pretty low though. Lots of scary sounds in the mountain. I've been keeping an eye out for monsters, but haven't seen any. Switching between the pickaxe and my sword a lot.
-Save, save, SAVE!

Thank you to everyone that helped today! Especially @mr_isaacs for loving the live tweets!

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