Saturday, July 4, 2015

My Adventures in Minecraft- Day 2

Too sleepy to play past 11:00 pm last night, but brought my laptop to bed in case I caught a second wind. 

Participated in my first #satchathack, read a few blog posts, and now I'm back!

-Monsters come out at night- /time set day keeps it daylight (safe). Hiding in a deep or wide cave, or just around the corner, helps you survive the night.
-Getting killed, by monsters or self-inflicted (drowning, touching the cactus) makes you lose your inventory
-Placement on your crafting table is EVERYTHING
-Search on Minecraft Wiki for recipes (though sometimes there's too much there)
-Read the book
-Resources you harvest appear in your inventory even if they're not in your 9 hotspots
-Spaces need to be two blocks high in order to move through/out of them
-Placement on your crafting table is EVERYTHING
-Save before nightfall, save to keep your stuff
-Stone needs to be harvested with a pickaxe for it to drop
-The deeper the hole, the harder it is to get out
+Shane Asselstine's suggestion, "don't dig straight down!"
Things to figure out:
-Is it better to make lots of crafting tables to use and leave, or reuse one?
+Steven Isaacs says to leave one in your house, and take another with you

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