Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Digital Citizenship Resources

Here are a few resources that you could use with your students to reinforce digital citizenship (my students LOVE them!). I could go on and on about the importance of digital citizenship, how it's the entire school community's responsibility to embrace the idea of nurturing a community of digital citizens, much like we nurture and develop a community of citizens, but I would never ever finish this post (#soapbox). We'll save that conversation for another day. :)

Surf Swell Island- Appropriate for grades 1-6, students help the Disney friends navigate Surf Swell Island to retrieve the jewels to complete an ancient artifact while learning the dos and don'ts of internet safety. Parent and Teacher guides provide ideas to further reinforce concepts taught.

Webonauts Internet Academy- Students complete a series of missions as new Webonaut recruits learning about concepts essential for good digital citizenship. Great for grades 3-5. PBS Kids.

Digital Passport- Great for students in grades 4-8, Common Sense Media has developed a comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum including age appropriate video, interactive games, offline activities, and ideas to continue the conversation. Teachers can establish accounts for their students to track their progress.

Digital Compass- Common Sense Media's latest addition to their thorough digital citizenship curriculum. A choose your own adventure with a selection of characters similar to the kids helping them navigating all the choices kids are faced with in a digital age. Available on the web, Edmodo, and iOS tablets.

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