Sunday, March 29, 2015

Creating Kid Friendly Avatars

Who doesn't love coming across someone's spot-on avatar? While I LOVE using Hello Kitty as my profile pic, I was very pleased with myself for designing a Traitr in ToonDoo that was my perfect likeness. Our district's move to Google Apps is a perfect opportunity for staff and students (sort of) to express themselves. My husband, Steve Isaacs, and I are leading a PD where we had the participants create an avatar as the icebreaker. It seems like they had a lot of fun with the activity. Here are some of the options we suggested, plus a few more that kids of any age would like!

*August 28, 2017 Update- Funko Pop Yourself Designer!
*Update- I just discovered, a Japanese website to create an avatar of yourself...wait for it...Hello Kitty style!

New tool alert! Androidify and :)

Another very fun tool- #PowderPuffYourself static jpgs and animated gifs!
*July 19, 2016 Update- novaskin- Make a Minecraft skin! I will make one and upload my me soon!
ToonDoo- Create a Traitr
Face Your Manga

Make a Mii

Lego Me

Build Your Wild Self
Peanutize Me
PowderPuff Yourself :)
Okay, this is not really me, but OMG!
Minecraft Skin Avatar- requires a Minecraft Premium username
Funko Pop Yourself Designer

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