Sunday, April 3, 2016

Want Google Docs To Be More Like Publisher?

I wrote a post about helping my dad print an envelope with Google Docs. My friend, Marc Seigel, shared that post, and his friend responded, "I want Google Docs to be more like Publisher. I want a blank page to put pics on, wherever I want. " I wanted it to be more like Publisher for a brochure project last year. I tried a lot of different things, and in the end, created a template with hyperlinks for the kids to use...I guess that's another blog post!- YIPPEE!! Anyway, a way to make Google Docs more like Publisher is to use Google Slides or Drawing and change the Page Setup.

Start Google Drive

Click New, Google Slides

or New, More, Drawing

Go to File, Page Setup. I used Drawings in the screen shots, but the process is exactly the same in Slides.

Choose Custom from the drop down under Standard 4:3

Change the width to 8.5, and the height to 11, and click OK

In Slides, go to Slide, Apply Layout, and choose Blank if you want a totally blank page to start

That's it! Now you have a portrait page to place pictures and text wherever you like!


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