Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Learning the commute

I am ridiculously excited to commute to work. Kind of like a kid-FINALLY commuting to NYC like a big girl! ;) but not without concerns. Cost, timing, getting out of the house earlier than I have in 20+ years. Thank goodness for +SteveIsaacs

Things I love: having the time on the train. While there isn't wifi on the train yet (only select stations), I can use my phone when above ground for the Internet. I'll work on blog posts (yeah, right), read AM New York/Time Out NY, or sleep when there isn't any service.

Things I need:
Commute Cam. I would make my YouTube millions on this first commute alone. 
Things I need to learn:
Blog posts don't save when you're underground. Copy and paste to Google Drive or Pages before closing out Blogger.

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