Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wallwisher is a free Web 2.0 tool that allows users to create a wall and then post "stickies" to it. The stickies can consist of text, images, links, and even video. At first glance, its simplicity does not reveal its potential (I guess I couldn't relate to the wall subject). A Google search of Wallwisher brings you to Sean Banville's 105 classroom ideas for Wallwisher (did he come up with these all by himself?). Just a quick glance at his explanatory wall opens up all kinds of possibility in the elementary classroom!

Here are some of my ideas for elementary students: (I did not read Sean's 105 ideas, just a peek at his wall)

* Star Student creates a wall for their Star of the Week poster and during the week, classmates post stickies and comments to it
* Students do preliminary research for a project and post links and commentary to websites they find valuable
* Brainstorming
* Class Word Wall
* Compliment Wall

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Introduction to Spain said...

Hello Cathy:
I did review some of the 105 possibilities for Wallwisher and it would help me out a lot in my spanish classes. I liked the idea of allowing the students to come up with their theme and use the wallwisher to list words and phrases. Although our focus is on communicative approach this is a great took to review grammar points and have students complete phrases, dialogues, sentences based on verbs presented. This was a great site Thanks! Maria