Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dreamweaver Lesson Plan- Students

AS: How will we display your web 2.0 projects throughout the year?

Objectives: Students will use Dreamweaver to create an online anthology to describe and display their web-based projects throughout the year

Subject: Technology, Web Page Design


Creating the website:
Students will launch Dreamweaver CS3 from the Start Menu
Students will choose a webpage template from File> New
Students will name their site so it can be easily identified as their own
Students will create a page for each subject area and set page titles for each page created

Creating :
Students will develop their anthology website throughout the year as curriculum units are completed
Students will include static and linked images in their site

Updating the website

Students will open their anthology website to update it with links to their new work


Differentiation: Creating a class website

Students will create a class website that links to each student in the class' work

Students will update the class website as each project has been completed

Vocabulary: website, links, title, images

Materials: Dreamweaver CS3, URLs to online work

Evaluation: Teacher Observation


TEC.K-4.8.1 - All students will use computer applications to gather and organize information and to solve problems

TEC.K- A - Basic Computer Tools and Skills

TEC.K- A.1 - Use basic technology vocabulary.

TEC.K- A.3 - Input and access text and data, using appropriate keyboarding techniques or other input devices.

TEC.K- A.5 - Produce and interpret a simple graph or chart by entering and editing data on a prepared spreadsheet template.

TEC.K- A.7 - Create and maintain files and folders.

TEC.K- A.9 - Use basic computer icons.

TEC.K- B - Application of Productivity Tools

TEC.K-4. - Social Aspects

TEC.K- B.2.d - Personal security and safety issues

TEC.K-4. - Information Access and Research

TEC.K- B.7 - Locate specific information by searching a database.

TEC.K- B.8 - Recognize accuracy and/or bias of information.

TEC.K-4. - Problem Solving

TEC.K- B.9 - Solve problems individually and/or collaboratively using computer applications.

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