Saturday, May 29, 2010

Microsoft Access Lesson Plan- Students

AS: How can we track your Type to Learn 3 progress?

Objectives: Students will use Microsoft Access to create a database to track their weekly keyboarding progress

Subject: Technology, Databases


Creating the database:
Students will launch Microsoft Access from the Start Menu
Students will name their database so it can be easily identified as their own
Students will protect their database by assigning it a password
Students will define Date, Lesson, Homework, Accuracy, and WPM fields, then create and save a table from the Design View
Students will enter their current keyboarding data into their progress table

Adding a new table:
After the first Type to Learn Assessment, students will create a new database called TTL-A Results
Students will include the following fields in TTL-A Results:
Students will enter their current assessment results into this table

Updating the database:
Students will open their Keyboarding Progress database to update their weekly progress table
Students will update their assessment results monthly


Differentiation: Analyzing the database:
Students will export the data from the progress table and/or their assessment results table into Excel
Students will create a graph of their keyboarding lesson progress, homework completion and assessment results over time

Vocabulary: Database, record, field, query

Materials: Microsoft Access, handwritten keyboarding progress, assessment results

Evaluation: Teacher Observation


TEC.K-4.8.1 - All students will use computer applications to gather and organize information and to solve problems.
TEC.K- A - Basic Computer Tools and Skills
TEC.K- A.1 - Use basic technology vocabulary.
TEC.K- A.3 - Input and access text and data, using appropriate keyboarding techniques or other input devices.
TEC.K- A.5 - Produce and interpret a simple graph or chart by entering and editing data on a prepared spreadsheet template.
TEC.K- A.7 - Create and maintain files and folders.
TEC.K- A.9 - Use basic computer icons.
TEC.K- B - Application of Productivity Tools
TEC.K-4. - Social Aspects
TEC.K- B.2.d - Personal security and safety issues
TEC.K-4. - Information Access and Research
TEC.K- B.7 - Locate specific information by searching a database.
TEC.K- B.8 - Recognize accuracy and/or bias of information.
TEC.K-4. - Problem Solving
TEC.K- B.9 - Solve problems individually and/or collaboratively using computer applications.

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