Friday, July 17, 2009

Monitor and Adjust

When I was working on my teaching certification through the Alternate Route Program, a phrase that came up throughout the year was "monitor and adjust".  Tammy Jenkins and Phyllis Bivins-Hudson reassured a media center full of first year teachers each week.  They reminded us regularly that we should always be assessing our own situation in the classroom and making changes to make things work because sometimes, even the best laid plans are bound not to work.

If you were able to see all the entries I've begun but were not perfect enough for me to post (reference back to original entry), you would be shocked (but not really if you knew me), or maybe not because I suspect many of us are the same way.  I romanticize that I could be the Carrie Bradshaw of tech blog-dom, but let's face it, I'm so not. So today, I choose to "monitor and adjust".

Anyway, I've had lots of time while on vacation to consider my inner (okay, outer) perfectionist tendencies (again reference back to original post) and the goals and intentions of my tech blog. If I had all the free time in the world, I would write grandiose descriptions, step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures (for all the visual learners out there).  But even given the perfect, and I mean perfect, conditions (all the free time in the world, and living, albeit temporarily, in paradise), I still CANNOT complete a blog entry like the "perfect" one I imagine in my head.

I CAN twit what I'm doing in 140 characters or less.  I CAN refer to myself in the third person and let you know what's on my mind. And man, am I good at saving cool stuff on delicious!

Writing over the summer could mean this post goes straight to the virtual circular file to never be read with millions of other blogs, but I will actually be completing my first entry in months.  Oh well, c'est la vie! Just make sure your battery is fully charged and your signal strength is EXCELLENT, there's some very cool stuff that you've got to check out!  Enjoy!

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