Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Over It

Here is my first blog entry. Hooray! I have thought about this blog at great length. I've been thinking about it, at least since the beginning of the school year.

A little about my writing style...I love to purchase journals, but have a block about potentially long term, open-ended writing, and as a result, have many beautiful, untouched journals. I think the open-endedness scares me, and I like things to be perfect before letting anyone else see it. I've learned recently, courtesy of Reggie Rudolph, that it is my Concrete Sequential learning style. I must say in my defense though, I did purchase a five year journal at the start of last summer. That's right, five years! The format of the journal is perfect for me. For each calendar day, there are five blank entries, one for each of the five years. The blank entries are only six or seven lines each, which is perfect for me... I am able to see an end in sight. I am proud to report that I have journaled everyday since June 1, 2008.

Anyway, I'm sure that many a blog begin and end just like this. An introduction stating that the author is not good at writing, the author is very excited at the prospect of maintaining his/her writing, and maybe some crazy ideas of the topics that might be covered in this brand new blog.

I stated in the intro that I would use this blog as a source for all things techy at Cedar Hill. There is so much that I've sent via email or have somewhere in my personal drive that I've decided it's time to keep it in a central place, and maybe even share. :) (Not good at that either, it's my CS). I'd also like to chronicle the triumphs and defeats of the integrated projects we work on with the kids.

In closing, I'm getting over it... and so can you!

p.s.- The "liking things perfect before anyone sees it" affliction is very much in full force. Since my initial posted, I've already revised and edited several times!


Games and Learning said...

I too, am getting over it! I relate very well to the idea of starting and stopping things like a blog. I get very excited and then ultimately life takes over and I lose steam. I very much want to keep up with my blog.


I support you in trying to maintain your blog and hope that I can maintain mine as well. I relate to that idea of having so many resources scattered in many different places. That may be part of my Abstract Random style :)

Great intro. Keep 'getting over it' and moving forward!

Cathy Cheo-Isaacs said...

Thank you! You are the best (most of the time). I support you too. Between the two of us, we have a wealth of knowledge, and now that I am sort of willing to share (still getting over that), just imagine what can happen!

Brian Heineman said...

Nothing is better than sharing! We also get to work in one of the few professions in which sharing with everyone is fully encouraged. No "corporate secrets" that need to be hidden. Everything we improve helps students and every student we help improves society.
Good luck!!

jmahler said...

Nice Cathy! Thanks for going forward and working throught the fear of writing! By the way, you write very well! I am excited for you and getting this blog going. Can we help our teachers to learn how to use Google Reader? I can link this to our school ning page too. Have fun with it!!!;)

jmahler said...